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almost back!
GrammarGal shall write again soon! :)

I went to Hawaii on vacation and have since been catching up with work. Never fear, though, a GrammarGal editorial or lesson is to come again!


7:35 PM
Who is GrammarGal?

Mareesa Orth is GrammarGal. Her journalism degree from the University of Missouri is in editing and design. Mareesa works for an independent book publisher and has edited numerous books, covers, webpages, brochures, and other knicknacks. While graphic design is her first love (though you wouldn't know it from this simple blogger page. ;), her anal-retentive side seeks ways to educate the world on English language usage.

Shameless promotion
In addition to the tips offered here, Mareesa is a personal editing and writing consultant. If you need a business memo polished, a research paper edited (no, she will not write your paper for you), or simply want some one-on-one lessons in grammar, email for a quote. Rates are extremely reasonable and competitive.
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